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We are the World

When the devil apportioned arrogance, the wearetheworld’ers, the wide eyed world improvers, easily pipped everybody else to the posts. Who are they? From which holes do they emerge? What gives them the easy power to achieve their more than dubious agendas? Agendas so totally contrary to the ethics, habits and customs most of us have been accustomed to, that it should raise more then just an eyebrow.

NGOs, non governmental organisations. Organisations which, although directly and indirectly on the government payroll (read from tax receipts), nonetheless  operate wholly from outside any form of political control. The state within the state.



  1. bison says:

    Jealousy gets you nowhere!Just imagine how hard it is to get into one of these luxury cells. You’ll have to really kill someone and have another person around willing to testify that you, yes you, actually did it. The competition to get in there will definitely prevent misfits or other disadvantaged persons to make it. It is the new elite.

  2. Harold says:

    This madness is symptomatic for today’s UN (root) mindset. Their peer pressure dictates the perception that thieves, racketeers and murderers are made by society and not from rapaciousness and greed. Indeed a typical reaction of a people who instinctively know but do not consciously realise that their entire existence and effort is one of utter uselessness. My god, the overwhelming majority of the worlds population cant even imagine living in the luxury the Norwegians are affording their 252 misfits. What about the rest of their thousands of recalcitrants, or is this a one-off effort for the underwriters of the non-collateralised loan for this absurdity.

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