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The next 100 years

In the book “The next 100 years” by George Friedman it is inter alia revealed that America, in order to maintain their “empire”, needs everybody else in bigger chaos than themselves. In order to survive, wars (or shall we say skirmishes) are no longer fought to be won, but to destabilise the aberrant. Vietnam, Kosovo, Iraq; bugger the inconclusiveness and the human misery along the way. All ratified through a human-rights and self-determination spin, according to Friedman. Go figure!

Take for example a closer look at the German Greens and their demands. Their effectiveness in destabilising can hardly be in doubt. Remember when the Germans gave the Greens the boot? Joschka Fischer, their leader without any formal education, was rewarded with a fellowship at Princeton’s Institute for Self-Determination (see Friedman above) by the Americans, for a past job well done no doubt. He’s now working for the biggest beneficiary of a nuclear energy free Germany, Nabucco pipeline. You got to leave it to him, never a dull moment.

It’s a mute point..


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