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The confessions of a male chauvinist


Little do I know how I got stuck with this label, but there it is. Accused and convicted in absentia, of extreme bellicose prejudiced belief in the superiority of my own kind. Allegedly in abject fear of the thrust and parry of intellectual challenge and competition between the sexes. In fact I had no idea what exactly a chauvinist was till then and until I looked it up. Perhaps it was the result of a series of “men jokes” I once had the temerity to forward, who knows?

Lets see if the shoe fits regarding the sexes in marriage. Outside of which, in open competition, both parties would be fair game, no holds barred, no tears allowed and wholly outside the present term of reference of course.



  1. Kerry McNamara says:

    Chauvinism is a matter of perception – it’s not what you think you are – it’s what they think you think you are!
    There is a conundrum for you!

    • keibsch says:

      Can you speak freely or are you at gun point? Just when I was getting comfortable with the knife in my back, here you come and twist it for good measure. As if I hadn’t had enough thrust and parry already. All I need now is for Willy to chirp as well, for the lure of Argentina to become overwhelming.

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