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Smoking and related pleasantries

I’m getting freaking choosy where I spend my money nowadays, the little that inflation and the tax-man leave me anyhow. You want to be bolshy about my smoking? Don’t expect me to come around for seconds, you’re on my shit-list for sure. Admit to promoting speed-humps or seat-belt enforcement? Make do without income from this end.  Want to be seen to do good and be politically correct? Piss-off!

I mean, here I was thinking each to his own, live and let live, until it dawned on me that there is little reciprocity in this. Nobody gives two frigging hoots about what I want, but is totally absorbed in their enjoyment of giving me a hard time. If only to bask in the approving looks they get from their like minded peers.

Nobody can deny that the world currently is in a bit of a mess, financially and otherwise. Why? It’s run by freaking non-smokers, that’s why. You want proof? Show me any period of time in the last 2000 years where dedicated non-smokers have been successfully in charge for any length of time. On the contrary, take Herr Hitler, he didn’t last very long, did he? Nor the American prohibition, that didn’t last very long either, did it? Like an exaggerated concern for safety only demonstrates fear and the inability to cope with it. Go figure!



  1. rants says:

    Awesome. Greetings from the Speedy DNS

  2. Thomas Baines says:

    After having observed the smoking antics of bushmen in the Kalahari…..for my own part, I half repented of being in any way the cause of such a scene; but on the other hand, to refuse these poor creatures the only enjoyment they seem capable of, would be a piece of cruelty and niggardliness I should not like to have laid to my charge.”

  3. Denise Roberta says:

    Smokers,well we have a whole family of them. NEVER,NEVER will they smoke in our house, Do your own thing, go anywhere out-side, but PLEASE do not pollute eating places or any public site. Your habit is “your habit”, do not force it on the people at large.
    Yes, I do have a serious lung problem, second hand smoke makes me very ill so I tend to spend time in hospital.
    Do not like this, so please Ernst, think about this. Go outside if in a public place i.e restruant, coffee shop. Why must I suffer for for a selfish few, and beleive me, I do.
    In your home enviroment that is up to you, you cannot inflict your habit for us all to suffer.

  4. keibsch says:

    Great stuff, Vera,
    that’s the spirit. Give as good as you get, I would swear you were a smoker yourself. Providing an ashtray might alleviate the mess behind somewhat though? The day motorists are afforded the same management as the smokers, regarding befoulment of the heavens, we’ll march side by side to victory and glory.

  5. Vera says:

    Viva the non-smokers of this world! Past failures were mere building blocks for future success – onward to victory and glory!

    Fair play, you ask for? Reciprocity? Is it fair of you to pollute our space and environment, as you have been selfishly and carelessly doing for too many long years now? When you folk, who are bent on killing yourselves, manage to do it without leaving a mess behind you, (on tables, on the ground, in the air) then you have the green light my makkas… go for it.

    But until then – don’t make your problem my problem, or yes, reciprocity will be in the air!

    In defence

    V xxxxx

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