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Rape and Pillaging of Swakopmund, Part II

If a dog craps in the desert it’s no big deal. If however he leaves his unsolicited turd in the middle of your well manicured front lawn, it becomes a totally different and rather smelly kettle of fish altogether.

After an appropriate period of letting some grass grow over a previous failed attempt at misusing a communal bathing beach area for commercial purposes, the Brewery’s agents are on the warpath again. With a flood of glossy sketch plans and some glib heritage talk we enter phase II.

I’m not concerned here with the viability of their concept, that’s their problem. As long as it does not interfere with or endanger our bathing beach and Mole. Does it?  Well, alone the type and degree of building against limited land-use should raise the hackles of any professional planner.


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  1. bison says:

    Let them drill for oil in their own front lawn!

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