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Politics Today

Politics today, is where two or more rival entities vie for the control of redistributing the tax cake. The biggest business in town. It is modelled in a corporate manner, complete with CEOs and run to the tune of human resource management. Regarding the politicians themselves, it’s more like a full time job for life rather than about elected leaders. Ruling or opposition, who cares. Moreover, the distinction between politics, government and administration has become a little blurred to say the least, not only in Africa.

Bear in mind that taxes no longer simply make provision for procuring the necessary to run essential services…



  1. Mike the Hammer says:

    Survival depends on following the example set by politicians, cheat!

  2. Manfred Böttger says:

    Keibel for President!

  3. bison says:

    Now why on earth did you and I not become politicians? Too late now.

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