Bubbles are the talk of the town. Bubbles by which an increasingly desperate banking system is trying to increase asset values to support their debt collateral in a normal down trend that follows an overheated growth phase in economic fortunes. Strangely enough, everybody seems to clean forget the population bubble which runs alongside like the tree you don’t see for the woods.

6 Billion souls in the year of the Lord 2000. Double the population which 50 years prior shared the planet’s fixed acreage at 2.5 billion souls and four times that of a 150 years ago. The scientific projections are roughly, for the sake of brevity, a doubling of the world population in half the time of the previous double-up period, also known as exponential double-up.


Then and Now

*THEN you woke up in a cold sweat worrying about losing your better workers. NOW you wake up in a cold sweat worrying yourself sick about how to get rid of the bad ones.

*THEN bosses kicked-arse to get things done. NOW bosses kiss-arse to lift their politically correct profile.

*THEN you were a person in your own right looking after yourself. NOW you are a human resource.

*THEN you’d rather be dead than letting your left hand know what your right hand was doing. NOW it’s an essential part of corporate make-up to brag about it.


Feeling a little flu-ish?

Swine Flu, or cry wolf once too often? Swine Flu has been around ill-kept swine since the days of Noah’s ark, as has the danger of it swapping over onto their herders. That’s why one always protected oneself by instantly eradicating the source at the first sign of appearance and isolated effected areas until things had calmed down.

Of course that was in the days before the bullying do-gooding activist’s takeover of public opinion and the consequent political overweight that follows from allowing such folly. Animal rights want hospitalisation of pigs, human rights won’t allow quarantining. The anti-discrimination crowd won’t stand for the preferential treatment of the as yet unaffected humans. Not to forget


The IMF and the do-gooders

BChairHaven’t you ever wondered where this spate of government’s interference, since independence, in what used to be personal choices and preferences, comes from? I mean, here we have parliaments the world over seriously struggling to deal with their normal workload of administering a country spending days, nay months, on such bickering issues as the magnitude of the fine to punish parents who punish their recalcitrant offspring.

Or closer to home, what business has the state to interfere with the population’s smoking habits in an otherwise increasingly polluted environment. Even more incongruous, enforcing employment quotas and handicapping talent in the name of affirmative action, discrimination and feminism are seeking psychotic depths never before explored. Crash-helmets, seat-belts, speed-humps, abolishment of usury protection and bank secrecy, infantile airport security, homophile normalcy, dependence on tourism. School and prison liberation resulting in monstrous counter productivity. Wholly misplaced school feeding, child and maternity entitlements and other out-of-the-blue inclusions in tight budgets.


Swakopmund; the rape and pillaging of


What would be the most valuable heritage you could leave to posterity in an ever growing world, or shrinking planet if you prefer? Surely the maintenance of unrestricted public recreational space must be pretty near the top of anyone’s list of priorities. Particularly if you are public spirited and believe in the sanctuary of private property. Something, I would think, that should justifiably be defended and protected tooth and nail against, for example, the unscrupulous self-indulgence of our quick-buck corporate mind-set, usually bonded to the hilt, who’d, without a moments hesitation or remorse would steal their own child’s lollypop if they thought there was a free ride attached to it.

Swakopmund, as we all know, had its fair share of similar such anti-social elements in the past. Need we mention the water-front, municipal swimming bath, golf course on the bathing beach, to mention only a few? All eager for a shortcut to riches at the cost of the community. So far they were mostly unfazed foreigners leaving their turds as blot on future generations. Who, with the support of either stupid or alternately greedy public figures, are continuously trying, some successfully, to sail around entrenched safeguards and regulations for the prevention of just such eventualities.


The crunch in a nut-shell


The current world economy, under the tutelage of a reserve USD and its IMF, is like a game of monopoly in which the banker-player is surreptitiously hiding a second game’s money bills under the table. To be employed at his own discretion and unknown to the rest of the players. It works for a while alright, at least until you can’t see the board for all the bank-player’s own hotels any longer.

The only way to keep the game going is to change the rules and allow the other players to operate on credit. First at the going rate of interest and then, in order to keep the game going, at progressively less and less interest until the bank-player in desperation simply hands out the stuff (bills from below the table) if and when needed, practically free of charge.


Privatisation + Monopoly = Fascism


We were to meet at Black Rocks near Wlotties for a braai, to commemorate a sixtieth. Something, the braai part I mean, we’ve been doing off and on for about an equal time span. Imagine my surprise when out of the blue we encountered a desert literally crawling with heavy-duty plant and equipment. Frantically laying pipelines in virtually all directions of the compass.

As some pieces were already laid above ground, perching on concrete bases as it were, I thought to myself, “Well, at least somebody is using his nut, or possibly her’s in these trying times, for a change. At least they’re using the more economic route of bypassing expensive hard-rock excavations and going partially above ground. Lets hope the environmental fundamentalists aren’t going to get their knickers in a knot about this again”.


Stocks halved again…


….and so have most related Financial Instruments, whilst the cost of living has doubled. Why all that surprise though? Could it be that we are still labouring under the illusion that our elected leaders are here to help us instead of helping to rip us off?

Take the pension funds and other social security safeguards. In more sane times they had  a safety net, or comfort zone if you prefer, of an allowable 5% (if I’m not mistaken) of their total assets that could be invested in stocks and shares. At some stage, in line with the general deregulation, or better, the abolishment of the checks and balances, this and other safeguards were appealed by you know who!. Opening the door for Wall Street’s casino mentality to enter this specific social safety net, which hitherto had been protected from just such eventualities.


The Great Disillusionment

VolckerObamaAmerica has a new president. A commander in chief nogal, not one of those wishy-washy prime ministers or chancellors some of the others have to content with. In view of the CRUNCH and based on the electioneering promises during the run-up, the population (of the entire world) expected a possible fresh wind that would curb Wall Street (an euphemism). A fresh wind that would end investment banking’s speculative gambling excesses with their depositors hard earned cash and easy credit creation. Excesses, that were driving down the relative value of money i.e. unfettered inflation. A fresh wind that would be doing away with the floating exchange rate iniquity.


Stimulus mania or titillations for recovery

AutoStimulusInstead of reducing taxes by 2Trillion and thereby allowing viable industry to pick itself up again by the scruff of its neck, the blithering idiots borrow 2Trillion in the name of their already anaemic Human Resources to allow the corporate deadwood and their robot factories to survive. All this in the name of transformation, equality, emancipation and anti-discrimination, to be saved for posterity by clitoric stimulation.

Dear old Angela Merkel over in good old Germany even went so far


Inflation and why it is inevitable


To swing an election  in today’s entrenched two party AAE (Anglo-American-European) democracies, only about 10% of the voting population is required for the ascendancy of one or the other. The remaining 90% are unwaveringly and firmly entrenched between left, right and couldn’t-give-a-damn, according to the latest cognition. Both chief parties have long since stopped bothering about policies, manifestos and especially left or right. All they are concerned about is being in “power”, “to serve”, has somehow been lost along the way long ago.


G30 to the rescue again?


A Framework for Financial Stability they call it.

G30, conceived in 1978 by the Rockefeller Foundation. Known specifically for their defence of the derivatives trade, by many conceived as the black hole of financial existence. Derivatives which I believe has its origin in the quest to magically create funds by robbing Peter to pay Paul. Paul being the “to be uplifted”, only, as it turned out to be, the “up-lifters” themselves walked away as the overwhelming winners in this monstrous charade.

Glancing through the G30 membership list and the holes from which they emerge almost takes your breath away. Top-heavy are the admitted Investment Banking connections (God only knows how many of the others wisely withheld that information). Then comes academia and we all know on whom they depend on for their grants nowadays, not to forget the guilt-syndrome exercises they bestowed on their charges.


It’s not only credit that got crunched, what about balls?

sheepleAmerica, the land of endless opportunity. When we were kids, Cowboys and Indians was the preferred playground pastime and the “wars” fought between the Ford and Chevrolet camps are legendary to this day. Nobody had ever been to America or even knew an American, but the impact and admiration for America and its way of life was proverbial. Later in life, Caterpillar precision engineering would have anybody in raptures at the favoured watering hole. And doing business with an American was known to be as safe as a house and he as good as his word. OK, so an American never understood the power of an understatement and laying it on was second only to their bombastic nature. However this was seen more as an endearment than a vice, as it would have been had it come from one of our own.

And today?


Flying in Namibia and environs

AishLast time I hauled my carcass to the airport, en route to Johannesburg, it started to go wrong right away. First the obedience conditioning – queue-up and wait, then take off your shoes, belt, prostheses so that you can be taught to respect the authority of some incredibly dim-witted and carefully gender-sorted security handlers with the minds of over-aged school-bullies. Heaven help us against the forever unimportant. All this overshadowed by an incessant and totally unintelligible babbling from the overhead PA system. Whatever possessed the airport companies to exclusively employ people with a speech impediment behind the microphones, will forever escape me. Well, the whole security rigmarole is not quite pointless of course. The not yet sufficiently maligned tax-payer must be conditioned, he must be given an inspiring sense of danger so he will do what he’s told.


Fehlt der Deutschen Justiz die geistige Reife?

Von spezifischen Urteilen mal ganz abgesehen. Ich meine es war im Vorjahr und wenn ich mich nicht irre im Saarland. Es wurde spezifisch eine Richterin gesucht, um eine bestehende Lücke zu schließen. Diese Exklusivität in Sache Weiblichkeit im Justizministerium, selbst die letzte Instanz für das Antidiskriminierungsgesetz, sollte einer Klage fehlender geistiger Reife fast genügen. Aber es ging noch weiter.

Da es keiner Frau einfiel sich auf Grund eines solch diskriminierenden Angebotes zu bewerben, entschloß man sich Vorort kurzerhand eine männliche Person, sozusagen als minderwertige Alternative sag ich mal als Mann, in Dienst zu nehmen. Womit der Anschuldigung von fehlender geistiger Reife beinahe die Grundlage genommen war. Aber auch Dies war noch keineswegs das Ende.

Kaum kam es der Justizministerin zu Ohren, schon wurde die Anstellung rückgängig gemacht und die Planstelle wurde erneut ausgeschrieben. Womit die Anklage, von fehlender geistiger Reife im Ressort Deutscher Justiz, zweifelsohne nicht ganz unberechtigt erscheint.

TS Eliot on political correctness

TS Eliot“Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm, but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.

There is little hope of changing such people. But what the rest of us can do is stop gullible accepting their ego trips as idealistic efforts for others. Above all, we need to stop letting them morally intimidate us into silence about the actual consequences of their crusades.

The time is long overdue for us to insist that they put up or shut up, in terms of hard evidence about results, rather than the pious hopes that make them feel so good.”
[T.S. Eliot]

In other words, political correctness is the desperate need to control other people’s lives in order to try to bring order and security to their own insecure miserableness. And just because this, Eliot’s insight, is so important in understanding the obsessive rights, discrimination and safety concerns that are enslaving us for the “cause”, lets have it in German as well:

“Die Hälfte alles Leidens dieser Welt entsteht durch Menschen die sich wichtig fühlen wollen. Es ist nicht ihre Absicht Schaden anzurichten, aber die Schäden interessieren sie nicht. Oder sie sehen es nicht, oder sie rechtfertigen es weil sie so vertieft sind im endlosen Ringen Gutes von sich selbst zu denken.

Es besteht wenig Hoffnung auf eine Änderung solcher Menschen. Aber was der Rest von uns sehr wohl tun kann, ist aufzuhören leichtgläubig deren Ego-Trips als idealistische Bemühungen für Andere zu akzeptieren. Vor allem aber müssen wir aufhören uns moralisch Einschüchtern zu lassen und zu schweigen über die tatsächlichen Konsequenzen ihrer Kreuzzüge.

Die Zeit ist längst überfällig um endlich darauf zu bestehen “Zeig her oder halts Maul”, hinsichtlich harter Beweise für Resultate, anstelle der frommen Hoffnungen mit welchen es sich so unsagbar gut fühlen lässt.“(frei übersetzt)

Frau Merkel’s Applaus

‘Für ihre engagierte Rede vor den 1001 Delegierten in der Düsseldorfer Messehalle hat Angela Merkel achteinhalb Minuten Applaus geerntete’, laut Zeitungsbericht. Der arme Stoiber dagegen anderswo nur siebendreiviertel. Aber immerhin, alle Achtung, kein Reporter ohne Stopwatch.

Ich gehe mal davon aus daß der Urheber der Berichterstattung gleich vorneweg auf die Tausend und eine Nacht Fabel aufmerksam machen wollte. Denn, um achteinhalb Minuten ununterbrochen zu Klatschen braucht man schon den Geist aus der Flasche. Immerhin währen das siebzehn Kilometer auf der staulosen Autobahn mit 120. Oder eine Teilepisode eines RTL Realität-Programmes zwischen den Werbungen.

Reden wir mal nicht von der Kondition die man dazu haben muß. Viel mehr interessiert mich wie so was vonstatten geht um, nehme ich mal an, eine reibungslose PR-Show zu ermöglichen. Hat man da wohlplazierte Vorklatscher im Saal die den nötigen vorprogrammierten Effekt garantieren? Um den Inhalt kann es kaum gehen, denn da würde ein kurzes Klatschen oder auch nicht ja genügen.

Signalisiert die Dauer des Gedöns den Grad der Akzeptanz für eine erfolgreiche oder weniger erfolgreiche Politik im heutigen Politjungle? Dann sollte man doch gleich die Trillerpfeifen mitbringen, oder besser noch eine Tute auf Spraydose, das währe weniger anstrengend. Nur müßten diese Dosen ohne Pfand dann auch auf die Viertelminute vorprogrammierbar sein um eventuelle Pannen auszuschließen.

Ich verstehen es ja wenn man in Bayreuth oder Berlin beim Ansehen eines gleichgeschlechtigen klassischem Liebesdramas sagen wir mal, vor lauter Peinlichkeit gar nicht mehr mit dem Klatschen aufhören möchte. Doch sollte man es sich überlegen, sich in der Politik wieder etwas Seriöser zu zeigen.

Nur weil der Müntefehring behauptete man hätte länger bei ihm geklatscht als bei seinem Parteikollegen und er damit im Recht sei, müssen ja nicht gleich alle nachziehen.


Naked shorts, or au naturel top executives

If I could just get my head around all that to me new fangled banking jargon. Short long debt against long short debt leading to short cash positions, which then don’t mature just when you think you’ve got it. But I suppose that’s why today’s banksters could get away with it. Most people just plainly don’t understand what has been unfolding here. Nor would they accept the fact that “their” bank, with whom most have been liaised since their pocket-money days, would or could sink to the level of loan-sharks with the mentality of sleazy pawnbrokers.

Not after growing up with their bank managers being a pillar of local society and stalwarts of prudent and conservative money management, always concerned to minimize the risk for their mostly long term customers. Something that’s been done away with in the new corporate dispensation by rotating managers every three years for “security” reasons, leading to the indignity of having the size of your overdraft determining your ranking in customer order, with savers or debit customers suddenly on the bottom rung of the hierarchy ladder.

Nor has it been that long ago since things gradually changed to this corrupt corporate, merger-crazy to avoid competition, lark. Where all is fair in banking and war, bugger the widows and orphans. Where simple decency is considered out-dated and human rights without obligations (same as a financial derivative) was enforced by legislation to become a litigation lawyer’s lunch ticket.

Bush – Washington

Bushy me ol’ mate, remember me? It is I who helped you out when the authorities wanted to lock you up because you didn’t have a Visa for South Africa. I hate to admit, but I’ve got a bit of a problem and I want you to have a word with that fellow Hank of yours. You know, the one the Wall Street bankster syndicate so strongly advised you to put in charge of your treasuries? The genius is causing more than a little disturbance down here, what with trashing our currency and all.

You know me, I’m not a whining whinger, I can look after myself. I have to, being of the only discriminated against minority left in this world made in the image of your Harvard think-tank bums. You got to admit, we played ball, we’ve bent over backwards to accommodate you. Adapted our corporate structure to comply with BEE at enormous costs we can little afford. Criminalised non-compliance with affirmative action so that it now takes half a day to find someone who knows what your talking about if you want to apply for a Visa. Elevated our women to where they don’t know who they are any longer. Adopted your patriot security. Stopped smoking, you name it. And all we’ve got to show for it, is a crust of affirmed fat-cats, more impenetrable to the maligned formerly disadvantaged than during Apartheid which went before it. Did you hear me complain? Not a word.

But now this fellow Paulson is causing a real bowl over. His mates at your COMEX have trebled the oil price and halved the gold price. I assume out of pure defiance to yourself and not without a little self indulgence of course. OK, so I see you’ve already done something about it, but the damage is done, our inflation is rampant and our currency is toast. I know you think it’s good for our tourism. Only, the kids on awareness and outreach entitlements and the civil service retirees on indexed pensions, you’ve been sending us lately, we don’t really want. I know you need some breathing space yourself, but have a heart.

Remember when your administration took over, you helped us out by summarily adjusting the former reserve currency exchange rate shenanigans left over by your predecessor. Don’t allow it to be undone again, we’ll never get ready for the holiest of holies, the soccer world cup, in time, if you don’t do something about this.


Freedom of choice; the rape and pillaging of

ShungaRicePattyWhen future archaeologists sieve through the debris of our bygone era to find out what went wrong, or more succinctly, who exactly is to blame for the fall of the former western industrial empire. They need not look any further than to assemble the pieces of who exactly, which persons, were responsible for legislating so vehemently against smoking. Something the present powers that be are at such great pains to conceal. Let me explain.

Small minds, given authority beyond their abilities, be that through empowerment or simply inattentiveness, are not only particularly sensitive to perceived insubordination but also wholly unsuitable to lead nations. Any child who had the misfortune of a weak insecure teacher during his formative years knows how dangerous and vindictive such persons can become. The urge to assert themselves and the need to forcefully demonstrate who is the boss, often becomes overwhelming in such people, enough to forget their brief. The general smoking ban, as an inroad into freedom of personal choices, is just one such a point in case. The perfect excuse for weak authoritarians to demonstratively assert their brand of authority with the additional benefit to boast with feigned concern about the general well being to boot. In combination with the fact that there are millions of equally unhealthy issues which remained unaddressed, I rest my case.

Therefore, if those future archaeologists can piece together who exactly was responsible for the implementation of the smoking ban, they will have come a long way in solving a substantial part of the riddle of who were the culprits answerable for the decline and fall of credit-derivative-mad western industrial and information technology era.

Hint: only countries depending on and part of IMF largess are afflicted with this infantilizing bullying.

Wall Street’s Corporate Electioneering Abyss

ChappaquiddickPrimaries and/or elections have lately reached the no-rules street corner brawl stage. It is no longer important who is better, but who is worse. No proof is required how good you are but it is crucial in how bad a light one can billet ones opponent. Not uplifting of self, but downgrading of the opposition is the keyword for relative ascendancy. Nor is truth or fact of overriding importance, innuendo is much more appreciated by the voter who is thoroughly enjoying the mud-slinging. What’s more, election promises are breaching the absurd. Like increasing social security when you can’t even begin to balance your books. Because nobody is particularly interested nor takes this seriously any longer. Hogwash to impress rather then convince. Call it political reality.

Now it appears that all of this has been taken to an entirely new level. Now political correctness taboos are being roped into this sorry dogfight. Take the minority issue. The public generally has been cowed into a phobia of speak no evil hear no evil to the point of ostracism if contravened. It stands to reason therefore that if nominating officeholders from such quarters, any criticisms, no matter how valid, are immediately gagged by the appropriate political correctness taboo of selective non-discrimination. One only has to witness the shocked breathlessness all around should one be reckless enough to criticise any of the various minority issues during a conversation nowadays to realise how effective and ingrained the media brain-washing has been on the populace.

It is therefore understandable that anybody who’s selected to serve, but is not on this PC ticket, has the distinct disadvantage of being fair game, whilst his PC opponent remains untouchable. The discriminatory effect of enforced anti-discrimination or the skirt behind which past screw-ups find refuge.

Our Corporate

In the name of the Security, of the HealthAndSafety and of the HumanResourceManagement. Amen

$Purchasing PowerThe gold price, unlike share prices, is in the short term not generally plagued by possible missed growth/profit expectations nor quarterly reports that could unexpectedly deviate from analytical projections. One could therefore reasonably exclude large natural market fluctuations in price at the drop of a hat.

Obviously I must be mistaken. Today the gold price plummeted by 32USD in exactly 45min. Since the market, based as it were on many bids and offers, would not suddenly in unison decide to forgo 32USD on a mere whim. It stands to reason therefore that


Genetic discrimination

About finally loosing the plot altogether, or sanity in the dust.

evolutionThe US Congress has voted to ban genetic discrimination, 414 to 1, reveals Michael Kinsley in a TIME 19may08 essay. I’m sure no guesses are needed on this forum as to the one lone dissenter, Ron Paul. Kinsley calls him irascible but then who wouldn’t be when faced with such provocative insanity in matters equality. The US senate has passed it unanimously, go figure. We’re not talking genetic engineering here (which by the way the very same regulators are eyeballing to allow), we’re talking genetic discrimination for heavens sake. Gender, race, disability, age and now genetics, one can hardly await whatever else THEY might have up their sleeve and come up with legislatively in future to undermine homegrown ethics even further.

THEY talk about the fairness of equality in this context. Nothing in this world is equal. Harvard/Princeton’s think tanks, my guess is that’s where this transformation towards equality trumpery originated, should get used to it. Enforcing equality by means of legislation is lastly only setting the standards on how to circumvent it successfully, if one is so inclined as in insurance and corporate employment. Very similar to those corporate workshops designed to instil motivation in their human resources, which at best can teach how to successfully appear motivated to the hierarchy above you. A far cry from the real thing. How can you teach genuine motivation, it’s simply mind-boggling absurd. You can teach it as little as you can enforce equality by legislation. You either have it or you don’t!

The Second World War was fought at enormous cost to save the world from highhanded governmental arbitrariness if you will. So was the Cold War afterwards for forty-five long years. Has it all been forgotten already? The American public appear currently well on their merry way to surpass whatever fascist or communist regimes had in store to make a mockery of personal freedom, responsibility and self-reliance, let alone trust. Imagine you have an inherited genetic knack of throwing a baseball better then most. Well, you better hide it in future or you might end up with a badge and tattoo, earmarked for the ovens.

Hunde wollt ihr ewig leben


Kein Mensch, oder wenigstens kein halbwegs Normaldenkender, würde sich von bellenden Hunden aus der Ruhe bringen lassen wenn es diesbezüglich nicht um die immer vorhandenen Ausnahmen ginge.

Dem normalen Hund, als Gruppentier, ist es angeboren seine Gruppe vor Gefahren zu warnen in der uns wohlbekannten Form des Laut geben durch bellen oder kläffen. Welcher Unterschied, dieser beiden Begriffe, direkt von seiner Charakterstärke sowie seines Lernvermögens abhängig ist. Weiterhin ist es Ihm gegeben, schon aus Überlebensgründen, sich dem Stärkeren seines eigenen Umfeldes anzupassen. Wenigstens so lange er der Überzeugung unterliegt daß das der Anderer auch tatsächlich ist.

Dem moderne städtischem Hund ist es nun leider nicht mehr gegeben seinen Platz im Rudel zu finden und muß zu sich selbst finden unter der mitunter dubiosen stellvertretenden Führungskraft seines jeweiligen Herrchens oder Frauchens. Womit wir dann auch schon bei den oben genannten Ausnahmefällen sind, Der Hund kann schließlich nicht aus seiner Haut.

Wo dem Einen, anfänglich wenigstens bevor er eines besseren belehrt wurde, schon bei einem Windhauch durch die Blätter oder einer Lichthupe auf der Straße die Haare zu Berge stehen, also der Kläffer oder Charakterschwache, gebraucht es bei dem charakterstärkeren Bellendem schon einiges mehr um ihn aus der Ruhe zu bringen. Wobei noch zu bemerken ist daß das Leittier oder Topdog gar nicht bellt sondern sofort zubeißt wenn Not am Mann ist. Denn es ist ja Er, der die Verantwortung trägt, den schließlich die Anderen durch Ihr bellen, oder halt kläffen, um Hilfe rufen. Wen sollte er denn selber auch rufen, ohne in Gefahr zugeraten damit kundzutun daß er gar nicht  der Topdog ist.  Die Kakophonie, hervorgerufen durch die Unsicherheit nicht wirkliche von imaginären Gefahren zu unterscheiden, ist somit prädestiniert sollte es an einem Topdog fehlen. Im menschlichen Bereich ist es ja auch nicht anders.

Es gibt wohl keinen unglücklicheren Hund als denjenigen dem die starke Hand des Leithundes, oder in Abwesenheit eines Artgenossen, der menschlichen Ersatz fehlt. Dies manifestiert sich dann in hysterischem nicht enden wollendem kundtun seiner angstbefangenen Frustrationen. Welches im dichtbesiedelten Urbanisationen wiederum kaum dazu beiträgt eine harmonischen Nachbarschaft aufkommen zu lassen.

Wem es also nichts ausmacht das sein unfair so betitelter Köter ständig am kläffen ist, weiß spätestens jetzt was seine Nachbarn von Ihm als Nachbar und stellvertretendem Topdog denken.

The New American Dream

mousetrap“Transformation” and its aim to change the racial and gender composition of ownership, control and management of global industry has been the new American dream. It surfaced with Carter and saw its illustrious peak during the reign of Clinton and his socialist henchmen across the pond. The man, subsequently destined by so many to stop this madness in the bud, unfortunately failed dismally.

What dedication, time and money must have been spent to stand the world’s gender and racial proclivities on its head, the mind cannot but boggle. Physiological and psychological differences in gender make-up were antagonised, racial harmony was enforced, discrimination criminalised. In fact all that used to be based on personal discretion and good upbringing was summarily and rudely disowned and dictated to conform to a specific morality of the few…….. Continue reading ‘The New American Dream’ »

Das Kalkül mit dem Ausstand


Jedes lahr, mit beunruhigender Regelmäßigkeit kommt die Zeit der obligatorischen Lohnverhandlungen. Die Marionetten werden aus der linken unteren Mottenkiste geholt. Die von der Internationalen Arbeitsorganisation (ILO) sekundierten Ex-Ostdeutschen, Schweden und der Rest der Pseudosowjets spitzen ihre Bleistifte und stauben Monate der Untätigkeit rund um den kapitalistischen Fleischtöpfen ab, sich rüstend für die jährliche Scharade.

Wie ein tobender Tornado werfen sie sich in den Kampf. 30, 40, ja 50% Lohnerhöhungsforderungen werden ihren imaginäre Peinigern vor die Füße geworfen. Seiten mit vom Unternehmer zur Verfügung zu stellenden Kleidungslisten, Krankenurlaub und Mutterschaftsurlaubansprûche welche die vorhandenen Arbeitstage sprengen, proportionale Pensionsbeiträge alleinig zu Gunsten ihrer Schützlinge – Abzugsmethodik für Gewerkschaftsbeiträge und Direktübettragung auf Gewerkschaftskonten sind auf der Tagesordnung. Nicht zu vergessen die Polsterfarben der morgendlichen und abendlichen Busse.

Was, die “Comrads” tragen keinen Sicherheitsgurt im Dienst? Es ist ja nicht ER oder Sie die dort arbeiten wollen, Ihr Blutsauger schickt sie ja dahin. Und bevor wir es vergessen, unsere Subventionsanbieter verlangen von uns, dass man sich an Geschlechtsquoten hâlt. Wir wissen zwar selber nicht genau warum in einer Mine oder auf dem Bau aber haltet euch trotzdem dran.

Dann darf man auch die grenzlosen Möglichkeiten für scharfsinnige Staatsmänner und Frauen, die ihre Fähigkeiten die Wellen zu glätten wenn die Sache zu heiß wird, zur Schau stellen wollen nicht außer Acht lassen.  Oder, wenn Hauptmitspieler auf kollektive Tarifverhandlungen pfeifen, um sich als noch scharfsinnigere Strategen sehen zu lassen.

Und keiner macht sich Gedanken darüber dass jede erzwungene, im Gegensatz zur marktgerechten, Lohnerhöhung wenigstens höchst inflationär ist. Hat sich jemand mal die Mühe gemacht, zurückzublättern – aufs Vorjahr oder davor und davor?

Whitewash of BEE

The above article in Fin24 rambles on about the ins and outs of latter-day BEE only to conclude in what I consider the hight of today’s knavery and I quote Mike Wylie, chairperson of WBHO and co-chair of the construction transformation charter group, who said:

….the charter would pave the way to transforming the industry. The charter aims to change the racial and gender composition of ownership, control and management of the industry and to promote transformation, growth, competitiveness and efficiency.

compelling me to harbinger that as BEE, from the white angle, is nothing other than a holier then thou scramble for political correctness kudos, and from the black angle nothing other then blatant vantage exploitation, both wanting something for nothing, and as enforced transformation is the sorry degradation of competitive human talent, it will, as its predecessor Apartheid, be doomed to fail dismally eventually. Notwithstanding Mike Whylie’s vain attempt of exoneration. Lets face it, you can promote “transformation” OR “growth, competitiveness and efficiency” but never both simultaneously!

What is worrying the money moguls, lack of funds or lack of takers?

rugSo, the banks are in danger of loosing their hair-raising loans? So what! Where did their easy credit come from in the first place? Savers? We’ve just been told there are no savers. Never before was the savings rate at the current low across the board. Ironically coinciding with the greatest credit spree the world has ever seen, go figure.

With oil revenue alone in the region of 300% up and no appreciable change in production cost and inflation index exempt, ongoing monthly welfare deductions and compulsory insurance contributions. My guess is that the credit crunch lies less with the availability of funds than with the fact that no serious developer wants the damn stuff any longer. Just when state and corporate have gotten used to the fact that it’s easier to make a buck from interest income than actually doing a days work at that.