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Now then, now then banksters

It’s getting softer by the day, to die of old age or dismay. [ek]

The costlier the financial mismanagement, since the Glass-Steagall act and other financial regulations have been repealed, becomes, the crazier the reaction of the elected celebrities and their empowered rank and file. Below find a Foeffieslide ride of the wonders of empowered money management. As Shakespeare will have it “What fools these mortals be !” Or Don’t get mad, laugh.

THEN empowerment was serious business. NOW it can clearly be seen that empowerment is an empty-headed business, with employment equity as its absolution.


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  1. Mommy says:

    The political world lately resembles a home where children have access to an unlimited credit card and Daddy is desperate to be their “best friend”. Mostly seen in crowded places annoying the shit out of everybody else.

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