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New York 1975

This is less of a Rant than a reminder. From New York over California and now the entire US and thereby the rest of the western world by way of the official reserve currency?

The current financial problems are hardly unique. They’re only ever increasing echoes. Instead of learning from expensive lessons, we appear to be blundering along heedlessly, like sulking stubborn unconvinced teenagers left to their own devices to allow them to “Find Themselves” in order not to damage their little psyches. Which of course seldom, if ever, comes to fruition.

I found the following in A.D. Wassenaar’s book “Op pad na luilekker-land” (the road to Cockaigne) [published in 1987] in which he deals primarily with the then already evolving pension Tsunami. Thinking, that some home-truths mentioned therein on the periphery, might be a useful reminder of the ongoing foolishness coming to a head once again.


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