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Lodging in Namibia

Take a Namibian farmer, gentleman or otherwise, experiencing one of these newfangled corporate-run lodges for the first time. Here he’s shown hand-tame lucerne fed kudu or somesuch, from inside an electric fence enclosure (for his own security). Alternatively cruising between former cattle “Posten”, squashed like a sardine three abreast and three rows deep into the back of a speciality Landrover with dicky-seat on the mudguard. No doubt to conjure that “grootwildjagter” feeling.

All this is either led by freshly imported youngsters, waxing lyrically  about environmental sustainability, impact control and the negative influence of secondary smoking on the “stokstertjie”. Who, as a rule, are as apprehensive


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  1. bison says:

    if it was Botswana, why the title Namibia?
    Please read Hummeldumm!

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