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LINCOLN (The Movie)

If you’re into comedies, this movie is for the connoisseurs of the genre. I laughed so hard and heartily that I feared I’d bust a gut, and, terminated it somewhat prematurely and abruptly for the sake of my frail constitution. Cleese step aside, Spielberg has got your measure in spades.

The man didn’t miss a single American golden calf, dancing about all of them singularly as well as collectively. Gender (ferocious femininity), Genetic (black race), Child Worship and of course Safety and Security, all present and accounted for. His skilful disregard of historical fact was pure genius and worked like a charm in exhaustively stimulating the risible muscles to their utmost.

Two minutes into the movie we have this scene where Lincoln is



  1. Kerry says:

    Keibsch! Keibsch ! Keibsch!!

    But thanks for the film anyway!

  2. bison says:

    why torture yourself, get Django Unchained and enjoy a really good movie.
    (Don’t if you cant see blood!)

    • keibsch says:

      For a moment there, until I saw it, I thought you where serious. Amazing, the efforts of the movie industry to assure that both, antagonist and agonist, remain hell bent on “that never the twain shall meet”. As far as escapism goes at least. Who would have thought Goebbels is alive and well in America.

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