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Ekke warry fokkol

Most are by now well aware of my unshakable abhorrence regarding socialism, or more succinctly guided mob-rule. Every now and again it seems to get the better of me, and the need arises to let off some steam.

Since even the most hardened Ho Chi Minh’ner, across the entire political spectrum, has by now realized that the term socialist is beginning to smell and they’ve consequently got themselves a new handle, “liberal”. Obviously without having the faintest idea what the word stands for. These self-styled Liberals [misnomer], come with a political colour palette that ranges from Hitler-brown to Stalin-red, with a pinkish soft-centre and the whole surrounded by a green halo.

In terms of “what would you do to destroy yourself”, liberalism hardly misses a trick. From human rights without obligation to the birth of the entitlement junkie, virtuous promiscuity and sexual deviation as sought after norm.

OK, I feel a little better now, thanks for listening!


  1. HappyGoLucky says:

    Who are these geniuses?
    Everybody on an inflation-indexed pension footed by the tax-payer.

  2. Wild Will Hick ook says:

    Socialists, liberals, mob-rulers: which term applies to the unmanned donkey cart – aka drone! How times will change!

    Happy 2014

    • keibsch says:

      fancy you should ask. The cart symbolises yours truly, as so aptly demonstrated by the slogan on the back-board “Ekke warry Fokkol”, loosely translated into “I don’t give a shit”, looking attentive/apprehensive at the approaching liberal dust storm.

  3. bison says:

    Wow, what a blast!Take that, you liberal scumpits.
    I had to use the dikschonäri a lot.
    Habby new year.

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