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Liberal Socialism

Please note that liberal in this context means taking freely or abundantly, rather than the more commonly used meaning of broad-mindedness. Socialism can mean a lot of things, however broad-mindedness is certainly not one of them. Witness socialism’s  “saving the self esteem” …of imbeciles, by equalising everybody into dependant imbeciles.

I don’t know if it’s just me or are there others too, who begin to detect a certain amount of irreconcilable differences in life as we used to know it? To me “The State” is beginning to resembles a pre-primary headmistress, more with each day passing. But what’s even worse,..



  1. bison says:

    In Australia it is forbidden to take pornography into the tribal areas. Huge signs warn you upon entry. However no specification of what exactly is meant…

  2. Willy Klein says:

    Hi Keibsch

    I often feel the same as you express yourself so rantishly!

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