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International Socialism

BailOutThe Big Brother of National Socialism. The murderer of the goose that lays the golden egg. The savior of the grasshopper and the incumbrance of the ant. The champion who, in the name of rights issues, social justice and classless society, spawned the reign of the risk-free corporate management cadre and a daily increasing government administration. The size of both beggaring description by now, with no end in sight. The class above classlessness.

All of this of course costs a great deal of money. Monies way beyond the scope of ordinary (already fully tapped) tax revenue, progressive or not, that has to come from elsewhere. Lets have a look at what happened over the years to accommodate this socialist folly.



  1. Willy Klein says:

    Can’t reconcile the heading with the content

    • keibsch says:

      The smothering mothering of latter day born-again socialism in unholy alliance with corporate business, at the expense of private business, has made a mockery of individuality at a price, financial and otherwise, that is accelerating the ruin of all. Hence the Rant. You know yourself, if you force Klaase into Baase you end up with only Klaase and nothing but doom, degradation and constipation to look forward to.

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