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human resource advisor (HRA)

What’s it about? Click on the little picture on the left and  download or open a small .pdf file of a copy of a recent job advertisement. But be warned, it’s not for the timid, it’s undiluted hardcore. The quest is for a human resource advisor (HRA). Alone the number and fancy descriptions of abbreviated NGOs and Parastatals involved, having a whale of a time while depending on our progressive tax contributions (for gain), is staggering and will take your breath away.

The advertisement makes me understand what Noah felt like after he got the message about the impending flood. What on the face of it looks like just another lengthy job advertisement turns out, on closer examination, to be a humdinger of doomsday prophesy, for yours truly at least. The content, the context, the wording, the innuendoes, just the whole stinking mess. Enough material to conjure nightmares for the whole of the next century.

What is a “human resource advisor (HRA)” you might well ask.


PS I’m asking for quotes for raising my boundary wall by another meter and a roof over the entire lot to protect myself from all the shit flying about.

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  1. liberty law says:

    I was going to do something like this a bit back, but I never was able to complete. it is real nice learning about your experience.

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