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Gender Equality

If you’re wondering what Gender Equality; ministry of is, and your answer is “who gives a sh_t” or “sh_t happens”, you’re roughly in my ball-park. According to a recent article in the Namibian, the she-minister of the ministry in question claims that Namibians as a rule treat their women abominably and her ministry’s objective is to thwart this abomination with an iron fist, no prisoners taken. One immediate question that arises would be, should an institution, so hard at work striving for the alienation of women from their families, ostensibly to more effectively compete with men for breadwinner status, also bear the responsibility of Child Welfare?

History of course does repeat after all, only the agenda changes.


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  1. malcom says:

    What a refreshing change from the official propaganda hype. Gee hom vet! I mean, here the western world has evolved from non-legal to legal status for women over many years. Initiated by courageous individuals against gargantuan Zeitgeist odds and a mostly hostile press. Then, when all was set and done, and it gradually was possible for the individual herself to make the best of it. Here came the celebrity politicians to re-invent the wheel. To quickly snatch some undeserved bandwagon limelight for themselves. Pathetic. As for the ministerial charge. Most men were brought up to “carry you on my hands”, what must they do now, just drop them?

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