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DStv or who needs TV?

It’s time for DStv’s annual retainer again which, as near as dammit to 5,000 bucks a shot, is not exactly peanuts and in dire need of priority revision. Considering the banking crunch and double digit inflation.

Improvement or decline of service over time? If truth be told, more like falling off a cliff if you ask me. As fast as the number of expensive channels sublimate towards total confusion, its contend is deteriorating towards downright downgraded imbecility.

Since when does a movie, aimed at the more mature market, become acceptable for early evening kiddy-time after the “fuck” word has been dubbed out with blanks. Vindictiveness or stupidity? Particularly since “mother-fucker” seems to be acceptable for some inexplicable reason (in all probability due to some American ethnic hang-up).


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  1. Klaus says:

    congrats Ernst, as long as this miss does not precipitate a divorce and as long as your neighbors don’t you mind you sitting in to watch the aftermath of the next mega sized Tsunami. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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