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Das Kalkül mit den Rauchern (see Show More for English version)

Die Raucher als Juden von Gestern, oder die Prügelknaben der Nation? Manch intolerante Nichtraucher jubeln über die unangebrachte Regierungseinmischung und sind Flammen schürend voll dabei. Natürlich ist es mittlerweile hinreichend bekannt daß damals die schärfsten Wachhunde der GESTAPO die Kleinkacker der Nation waren.

Man nehme eine legale Substanz und hämmert so lange draufrum, vonwegen Kindermörder im Mutterleib usw., bis man es zwar noch kaufen aber nicht mehr rauchen kann. Eine Lüge wird zur Wahrheit, man muß sie nur oft genug wiederholen. Der Mensch raucht seit Urbeginn und hat sich eigentümlicherweise trotzdem eindrucksvoll stark vermehrt ungeachtet flexibler Statistiken. Mutiger, ehrlicher und auch einfacher währe es ja gewesen der Ursache (Substanz)  und nicht der Wirkung (rauchen) entgegen zu wirken. Selbstverständlich frei von Überheblichkeit, Spinn und Politik.


  1. blowtorch says:

    live-in hell

  2. Mike Hill says:

    As a true liberal I support the smokers’ rights to smoke as long as they do not tread on my toes by blowing their noxious and poisonous fumes my way, by demanding medical treatment at my cost etc. Cj Live and let die I say!

  3. Sasha says:

    ‘Morning Ernst…….
    As always a very erudite piece! Thank you for your opinion on what is obviously a very sensitive subject, and I hope that the new regulations aren’t making your life too difficult?………
    Hope all is well with Carole being out of town…

  4. keibsch says:

    The calculation with Smokers

    The smokers the Jew of yesteryear, or the whipping boy of the nation? Some intolerant nonsmokers are exuberantly part of the inappropriate government meddling and continue to fan the flames with glee. In the meantime it is well known who the most ferocious watchdogs of the former infamous GESTAPO were, namely the forever unimportant nominal members of the nation itself.

    If you take a legal substance and continue to hammer on it, as in ‘child murderer in the mothers womb’, you will eventually reach the point where you can still buy it but cannot use it. For a lie to become the truth you only have to mention it often enough. People have smoked since time immemorial and yet peculiarly the population has grown spectacularly, notwithstanding flexible statistics. More courageous, honest and effective would have been to tackle the cause (substance) rather than to confound the effect (smoking). Of course without opinionatedness, spin and politics.

    Considering the multitude of potential harmful habits, lets say; junk-food, auto emissions with or without catalytic converter, alcohol, microwaves or anti-authoritarian upbringing, to name but a few, they now, in the age of anti-discrimination, actually boast about discriminating against smokers. The smoker as lightning conductor for all failures. I assume to continue to see themselves as saviours of mankind, or adorning themselves with borrowed plumes.

    The newest episode in this tragic-comic series is that it is now punishable (illegal) to smoke in the presence of Workers (sic). With scant consideration for the smoking workers themselves. It is equally punishable to deny yourself association with the contagious HIV infected to protect yourself. Excuse me for getting muddled.

    Enclosed a quote from Thomas Baines (Explorer, Artist and Non-smoker)
    “after having observed the smoking antics of bushmen in the Kalahari… refuse these poor creatures the only enjoyment they seem capable of, would be a piece of cruelty and niggardliness I should not like to have laid to my charge.” [P202 EXPLORATIONS IN SOUTH AFRICA. Oct.1861]

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