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In journalism it is a well known fact that a lie becomes true, if only mentioned often enough.

Take the following example. Why would 6.5 Billion people (or is it already 7) be overly concerned if a couple of Mali’s or Somali’s for that matter decide to slaughter each other? Unless they happen to be Mali’s or Somali’s themselves naturally.

Of course they don’t, not in the slightest. Until, and here enters journalism, they are fed selected gory and therefore commercially viable details ad infinitum. This awakening then sets the ball rolling with the added by-product of tending to turn an initially mild disagreement into a raging genocide.

Once journalism has entered the antagonists fray the world has been gotten by the balls. Now the newly awoken “concern” can be commercialised. The warlords get a whiff of untold riches…


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  1. bison says:

    right on, keibsch!
    But Mali is a bad example, as far as I know, this was no charity-media event, but an AREVA-Uranium- french interest event.
    In general, though, you are 100% on. The charity-industry, as some call it creates wondeful ratings for the media.
    What is going on in Syria? Media are showing blood-spattered kids and howling mothers. The so called liberators are mostly fundamentalist wahabites trained in Saudi Arabia on western weaponry, set on elimination those infidels in Damascus, and elsewhere. (Alevites and Christians in Syria)
    When it is all over, cameras and lights move to another theater.

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