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Anti-Discrimination LegislationSocialism, in a nutshell, is the attempt to equalise the category mankind into one common denominator. Allegedly to cut out even the slightest glint of perceived discrimination or class difference, at least according to socialism’s proponents.  “Give to those less fortunate” is the socialist’s gospel, which is of course at best a ruse to disguise its real intention, being, “give to the less hardworking”. Why? Because they represent their most ardent supporters.

If you are spoiling for a fight you need an enemy or at least an opponent. Socialists have set their aim on capitalism as predominant foe. But what is capitalism? Humanity, that’s what, it’s capitalism per se.

Take a cave dweller, if he made spear-points he wouldn’t have time to hunt, ergo, the others gave him some meat for his spear-points and everybody was happy. Nor would the caveman share his spear with others, it was far too important a tool, his life depended on it. Nor was it any different during the evolution to farming. Fields once cleared were defended tooth and nail. Need I go on to industrialisation? Any imbalances along the way only came through inappropriate government meddling. (The forerunners of socialism have always been lurking in the shadows to participate in the advance of others for free)


  1. stumbler says:

    I stumbled upon your page. First off, you’re talking my language, sort of. Second, you got to be over 60 at least. Third, how you could defend capitalism in plain view of the ongoing moronic corporate bullshit is completely beyond me. Jesus wept indeed.

    • keibsch says:

      Sorry, but you could not be more wrong. A corporation is socialism in its purest form. Born from a lie, power drunk and dependent on transformation by stealth for survival. It’s managed by lawyers rather than product expertise and its assets are liabilities. And above all, a corporation is a legal artificial person, not human at all. No feelings, ethics or compassion. Working hand in glove with International Socialism, a sorry reality.

      PS a wise man once said, “If change is not necessary, it is necessary not to change.”

  2. chippy says:

    “socialism on its own is like a steam engine without steam. Fucking useless!”

    Yeah man, time to make some fire under some assholes. I like your shit!

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