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Argo (the movie)

Briefly, for those as yet ignorant; the Iranians kidnapped some American embassy employees some of whom escaped to the sanctuary of the Canadian embassy from whence they are rescued by the CIA, or some-such, by means of a fake film production unit, which subsequently smuggles the escapees out as part of their crew. Not very imaginative or plausible for starters.

When I saw this movie I thought to myself, “Oh well, another nail in the coffin of a dying Hollywood. A total waste of resources and my time”. Cinematography, script, continuity – slapdash mediocrity. There simply wasn’t a single redeeming feature, and the worst part of it all, was the ill-disguised attempt at fake reality television with a shaky camera and inane dialogue. So, I congratulated myself for once again being  caught for a sucker by American film making and got on with my life.


PS is this rant proof of the their effectiveness or what?


  1. Manfred Böttger says:

    I enjoyed the movie.

  2. Mike Hill says:

    Movies are about suspending belief, not expressing your disbelief! Movies based on true events always require belief not just to be suspended but hanged until dead.

  3. Willy Klein says:

    Who is the First Lady?

    Of what?

    Where is Iran?

    What is Hollywood – and where is it?

    Life goes on! I carry on!

  4. bison says:

    Did you see Django unchained?

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