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Please Note: All books are not copy-write and freely available on the net. Conversions are done by myself with the help of the following crutches, also free. Calibre (v 1.48 if XP in use) for db and conversions, as well as Sigil (v 7.4 if XP in use) for editing.


Campaign Pictures of the War

Campaign Pictures of the War in South Africa by A. G. Hales (1899-1900)
Special Correspondent of the “Daily News”





FiftyYearsFifty Years in South Africa by George Nicholson 1898
Being Some Recollections and Reflections of a Veteran Pioneer





HereroIm Kampfe gegen die Herero von Erich von Salzmann (1904)
Mit 196 Abbildungen nach Originalaufnahmen des Verfassers, seiner Kameraden u. a. und 14 Originalzeichnungen von Anita Peters, Margarete Persson-Henning.
[Oder: Wie ein Frischimportierter mit Jesuslatschen und Sokkies Südwest onthout]
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Five years’ hunting adventures in South Africa by Gordon-Cumming (1820-1866)cumming
Complete popular 1892 edition describing the travels of Roualeyn George Gordon-Cumming in South Africa.
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BushmenThe Native Races of South Africa by Stow, G. W. (George William), 1822-1882
A History of the Intrusion of the Hottentots and Bantu Into the Hunting Grounds of the Bushmen, the Aborigines of the Country .. (1880)
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DraysonSporting Scenes Amongst the Kaffirs of South Africa by Capt. Alfred Wilks Drayson (1827-1921) – Men who have written on South Africa, have been either sporting giants, scientific men, or travellers who have gone over ground never before trodden by the white man. I am neither of these. (1858)
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KingstonAdventures in Africa by William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
In this book the hero, fresh from school, arrives from England, and joins his uncle, who is a trader with the people of central Africa. (1832)
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Twcoverenty-Five Years in a Waggon in South Africa by Andrew A Anderson (1860)
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The Zimbabwe Ruins-by Frederic Philip Mennell F.G.S.. HARVARD zimbabweUNIVERSITY (1880-?)All over Southern Rhodesia are to be found the remains of stone buildings or enclosures regarding the origin of which there has been much speculation (1903)
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RohlfsBeiträge Zur Erforschung Afrikas von Gerhard Rohlfs (1831-1896) – Als einer der bedeutendsten Reiseschriftsteller und Afrikaforscher durchquerte Gerhard Rohlfs ab Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts zahlreiche Länder und verfasste ausführliche Forschungsberichte sowie detaillierte Beschreibungen seiner abenteuerlichen Expeditionen. (1875)
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FariniDurch Die Kalahari-Wüste von Guillermo Antonio Farini (1838-1929)
Streif und Jagtzüge durch die Kalahari nach dem Ngami-See in Süd-Afrika. (1886)

KritzingerIn the Shadow of Death by Gen. P. H. Kritzinger (1870-1930)

 “In the Shadow of Death” is a title the reader will hardly consider inappropriate by the time he reaches the end of this little book about the Anglo Boer war.
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OnCommandoOn Commando by Dietlof Van Warmelo (1872-1966)
The experiences of Dietlof Van Warmelo during the Anglo Boer war whilst fighting to resist the imposition of British Colonialism on South Africa.
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Selous RhodesiaSunshine and Storm in Rhodesia by Frederick Courteney Selous (1851-1917)
A riveting firsthand account of the Second Matabele War (also known as the First Chimurenga) 1896.

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Selous NotesAfrican Nature Notes and Reminisces by Frederick Courteney Selous (1851-1917)
The chapters comprised in the present volume were written at various times during the last ten years.
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BainesExplorations in South-West Africa by Thomas Baines (1820-1875)
Being an Account of a Journey in the Years 1861 and 1862 From Walvisch Bay, on the Western Coast, to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Falls (Publ. 1861)
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BattillAdventuresThe Strange Adventures of Andrew Battell – of Leigh, in Angola and the Adjoining Regions in 1589 – the Original Classic Edition published in 1901
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SWA-C BothaSWA colonisation discussion (also with reference to the “famous” Blue Book) by Christo Botha
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Galton NarrativerThe Narrative of an Explorer in Tropical South Africa  (Publ. 1853) by Francis Galton (1822-1911)

Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika :von Hans Schinz (1858-1941)Schinz
Forschungsreisen Durch Die Deutschen Schutzgebiete Gross-Nama- Und Hereroland, Nach Dem Kunene, Dem Ngami-See Und Der Kalaxari, 1884-1887
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coverDeutsch Südwest-Afrika von Curt von Francois (1852-1931)
Geschichte der Kolonisation bis zum Ausbruch des Krieges mit Witbooi
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DeutscheReiterDeutsche Reiter in Südwest von Friedrich Freiherr von Dincklage-Campe (1839-1918)
Selbsterlebnisse aus den Kämpfen in Deutsch-Sdwestafrika
NOTE: beware, printed in old German Gothic font

HunterSelousA Hunter’s Wanderings in Africa by Frederick Courteney Selous (1851-1917)
Being a Narrative of Nine Years Spent Amongst the Game of the Far Interior of South Africa
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Doctor in Damaraland
A Doctor’s Diary in Damaraland by Dr. H.F.B.Walker (Published 1917)
Feeling that I must be required to fill some important gap in General Botha’s armies, I “mobilized” within the time specified.
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AnderssonNgamiLake Ngami by Charles John Andersson (1827-1867)
Explorations and Discoveries During Four Years’ Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western Africa
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Stigant-ElephantHunting the Elephant in Africa by Captain C. H.  Stigand (Publ. 1913)
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Further material in process, Galton, Andersson, Anderson, Park, Livingstone, Chapman, Baines, Stanley, McCutcheon, Selous, Battel, Walker, ………..


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