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68 Aftermath

Ever since the 68’ters crackpot combination of Greenspan and Clinton, who had deregulated the Banks (Glass–Steagall) on the premise that they (the banks) were mature enough to do with a minimum of rules and regulations [sic], the world, as a spinning wheel, was thrown out of kilter and is now dangerously wobbling around like a drunken sailor about to topple off the table.

The masses, who sense that something went wrong but just couldn’t put their finger on it, are in a bit of a panic. Realistically surmising that the big issues are insurmountably out of their reach and have consequently resorted to pettifogging about gender, genetics and smoking instead. And, as is the want with helplessness, are making an even bigger hash of whatever little remains within their grasp.

Now we have to suffer from incongruities such as enforced gender quotas and race (read African American exclusively, nobody seems to care about Eskimos or Native Americans) meritless affirmative action empowerment. Safety and security


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