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Das Kalkül mit den Rauchern (see Show More for English version)

Die Raucher als Juden von Gestern, oder die Prügelknaben der Nation? Manch intolerante Nichtraucher jubeln über die unangebrachte Regierungseinmischung und sind Flammen schürend voll dabei. Natürlich ist es mittlerweile hinreichend bekannt daß damals die schärfsten Wachhunde der GESTAPO die Kleinkacker der Nation waren.

Man nehme eine legale Substanz und hämmert so lange draufrum, vonwegen Kindermörder im Mutterleib usw., bis man es zwar noch kaufen aber nicht mehr rauchen kann. Eine Lüge wird zur Wahrheit, man muß sie nur oft genug wiederholen. Der Mensch raucht seit Urbeginn und hat sich eigentümlicherweise trotzdem eindrucksvoll stark vermehrt ungeachtet flexibler Statistiken. Mutiger, ehrlicher und auch einfacher währe es ja gewesen der Ursache (Substanz)  und nicht der Wirkung (rauchen) entgegen zu wirken. Selbstverständlich frei von Überheblichkeit, Spinn und Politik.


Anti-Discrimination LegislationSocialism, in a nutshell, is the attempt to equalise the category mankind into one common denominator. Allegedly to cut out even the slightest glint of perceived discrimination or class difference, at least according to socialism’s proponents.  “Give to those less fortunate” is the socialist’s gospel, which is of course at best a ruse to disguise its real intention, being, “give to the less hardworking”. Why? Because they represent their most ardent supporters.

If you are spoiling for a fight you need an enemy or at least an opponent. Socialists have set their aim on capitalism as predominant foe. But what is capitalism? Humanity, that’s what, it’s capitalism per se.

Take a cave dweller, if he made spear-points he wouldn’t have time to hunt, ergo, the others gave him some meat for his spear-points and everybody was happy. Nor would the caveman share his spear with others, it was far too important a tool, his life depended on it. Nor was it any different during the evolution to farming. Fields once cleared were defended tooth and nail. Need I go on to industrialisation? Any imbalances along the way only came through inappropriate government meddling. (The forerunners of socialism have always been lurking in the shadows to participate in the advance of others for free)


Ekke warry fokkol

Most are by now well aware of my unshakable abhorrence regarding socialism, or more succinctly guided mob-rule. Every now and again it seems to get the better of me, and the need arises to let off some steam.

Since even the most hardened Ho Chi Minh’ner, across the entire political spectrum, has by now realized that the term socialist is beginning to smell and they’ve consequently got themselves a new handle, “liberal”. Obviously without having the faintest idea what the word stands for. These self-styled Liberals [misnomer], come with a political colour palette that ranges from Hitler-brown to Stalin-red, with a pinkish soft-centre and the whole surrounded by a green halo.

In terms of “what would you do to destroy yourself”, liberalism hardly misses a trick. From human rights without obligation to the birth of the entitlement junkie, virtuous promiscuity and sexual deviation as sought after norm.

OK, I feel a little better now, thanks for listening!

LINCOLN (The Movie)

If you’re into comedies, this movie is for the connoisseurs of the genre. I laughed so hard and heartily that I feared I’d bust a gut, and, terminated it somewhat prematurely and abruptly for the sake of my frail constitution. Cleese step aside, Spielberg has got your measure in spades.

The man didn’t miss a single American golden calf, dancing about all of them singularly as well as collectively. Gender (ferocious femininity), Genetic (black race), Child Worship and of course Safety and Security, all present and accounted for. His skilful disregard of historical fact was pure genius and worked like a charm in exhaustively stimulating the risible muscles to their utmost.

Two minutes into the movie we have this scene where Lincoln is


68 Aftermath

Ever since the 68’ters crackpot combination of Greenspan and Clinton, who had deregulated the Banks (Glass–Steagall) on the premise that they (the banks) were mature enough to do with a minimum of rules and regulations [sic], the world, as a spinning wheel, was thrown out of kilter and is now dangerously wobbling around like a drunken sailor about to topple off the table.

The masses, who sense that something went wrong but just couldn’t put their finger on it, are in a bit of a panic. Realistically surmising that the big issues are insurmountably out of their reach and have consequently resorted to pettifogging about gender, genetics and smoking instead. And, as is the want with helplessness, are making an even bigger hash of whatever little remains within their grasp.

Now we have to suffer from incongruities such as enforced gender quotas and race (read African American exclusively, nobody seems to care about Eskimos or Native Americans) meritless affirmative action empowerment. Safety and security


Argo (the movie)

Briefly, for those as yet ignorant; the Iranians kidnapped some American embassy employees some of whom escaped to the sanctuary of the Canadian embassy from whence they are rescued by the CIA, or some-such, by means of a fake film production unit, which subsequently smuggles the escapees out as part of their crew. Not very imaginative or plausible for starters.

When I saw this movie I thought to myself, “Oh well, another nail in the coffin of a dying Hollywood. A total waste of resources and my time”. Cinematography, script, continuity – slapdash mediocrity. There simply wasn’t a single redeeming feature, and the worst part of it all, was the ill-disguised attempt at fake reality television with a shaky camera and inane dialogue. So, I congratulated myself for once again being  caught for a sucker by American film making and got on with my life.


PS is this rant proof of the their effectiveness or what?


In journalism it is a well known fact that a lie becomes true, if only mentioned often enough.

Take the following example. Why would 6.5 Billion people (or is it already 7) be overly concerned if a couple of Mali’s or Somali’s for that matter decide to slaughter each other? Unless they happen to be Mali’s or Somali’s themselves naturally.

Of course they don’t, not in the slightest. Until, and here enters journalism, they are fed selected gory and therefore commercially viable details ad infinitum. This awakening then sets the ball rolling with the added by-product of tending to turn an initially mild disagreement into a raging genocide.

Once journalism has entered the antagonists fray the world has been gotten by the balls. Now the newly awoken “concern” can be commercialised. The warlords get a whiff of untold riches…


Liberal Socialism

Please note that liberal in this context means taking freely or abundantly, rather than the more commonly used meaning of broad-mindedness. Socialism can mean a lot of things, however broad-mindedness is certainly not one of them. Witness socialism’s  “saving the self esteem” …of imbeciles, by equalising everybody into dependant imbeciles.

I don’t know if it’s just me or are there others too, who begin to detect a certain amount of irreconcilable differences in life as we used to know it? To me “The State” is beginning to resembles a pre-primary headmistress, more with each day passing. But what’s even worse,..


Politics Today

Politics today, is where two or more rival entities vie for the control of redistributing the tax cake. The biggest business in town. It is modelled in a corporate manner, complete with CEOs and run to the tune of human resource management. Regarding the politicians themselves, it’s more like a full time job for life rather than about elected leaders. Ruling or opposition, who cares. Moreover, the distinction between politics, government and administration has become a little blurred to say the least, not only in Africa.

Bear in mind that taxes no longer simply make provision for procuring the necessary to run essential services…


The medical profession.

Did I say profession? Sorry, force of habit. There’s a different wind blowing up there nowadays. Very different! No more Albert Schweitzer, let alone Hippocrates. Hard-arse business is the new ethic. The shareholders wouldn’t stand for anything less we are told.

Why so nasty you might well ask now. I’ve looked at my annual budget, that’s what. The highest single item on the agenda is my monthly hospital-plan insurance. Not medical aid, let me hasten to add, no, only hospital-plan insurance. After all who can fork out N$50,000.00 (no cheques please)  to be allowed hospital admission in a coma during a medical evacuation? Not dissimilar if you ask me to the protection-money days during the American mafia heyday of the thirties. No cover, no service, period!

Make use of the state hospital, I hear you say; you didn’t really mean that, did you? If ever you wanted to experience the vagaries of affirmative action first hand, take a stroll through your local state facility, your survival depends on it..


Now then, now then banksters

It’s getting softer by the day, to die of old age or dismay. [ek]

The costlier the financial mismanagement, since the Glass-Steagall act and other financial regulations have been repealed, becomes, the crazier the reaction of the elected celebrities and their empowered rank and file. Below find a Foeffieslide ride of the wonders of empowered money management. As Shakespeare will have it “What fools these mortals be !” Or Don’t get mad, laugh.

THEN empowerment was serious business. NOW it can clearly be seen that empowerment is an empty-headed business, with employment equity as its absolution.



I’m afraid the following narrative is sadly lacking my usual bonhomie and light-footedness of approach. Simply because the subject matter is too grave to be flippant about, what with its resultant decay already firmly entrenched in our midst. Witness the “I feel sooo empowered” advert on DStv.

Once upon a time, empowerment meant the ceding of certain powers onto individuals to enable them to do what’s generally forbidden to others like soldiers, police, hangman and professionals where competition was deemed to be inappropriate. This empowerment was preceded by intensive training and careful selection, according to stringent rules and regulations according to a code. Naturally any transgressions or incompetence were immediately avenged by the loss of empowerment privileges, to maintain standards. Enter the world of the Shangri-La socialist. Also known as freeloaders ….


Spending our way out of a Depression

Have we not all learned at our fathers knee that, having your financials neatly lined up like peas in a pod, all present, correct and accounted for, is next to godliness? That spending requires savings, and that debt and wastefulness is next to unrighteousness? Did he not mention that living off charity is a habit forming intoxicant best avoided?

Imagine my consternation on discovering that our incumbent leaders, Obama, Merkel and the other Rockefeller Foundation approved, all, are busy as bees spreading the word that all of the above time-proven advice was not only dangerously wrong, but highly anti-social to boot. Apparently what’s needed to rescue growth, and with it…


The next 100 years

In the book “The next 100 years” by George Friedman it is inter alia revealed that America, in order to maintain their “empire”, needs everybody else in bigger chaos than themselves. In order to survive, wars (or shall we say skirmishes) are no longer fought to be won, but to destabilise the aberrant. Vietnam, Kosovo, Iraq; bugger the inconclusiveness and the human misery along the way. All ratified through a human-rights and self-determination spin, according to Friedman. Go figure!

Take for example a closer look at the German Greens and their demands. Their effectiveness in destabilising can hardly be in doubt. Remember when the Germans gave the Greens the boot? Joschka Fischer, their leader without any formal education, was rewarded with a fellowship at Princeton’s Institute for Self-Determination (see Friedman above) by the Americans, for a past job well done no doubt. He’s now working for the biggest beneficiary of a nuclear energy free Germany, Nabucco pipeline. You got to leave it to him, never a dull moment.

It’s a mute point..


Quantitative Easing or the collectivist’s last stand

[quantitative easing is to cascade hundreds of billions of additional dollars into the economy on the theory that we need inflation]

When Bernanke and his similitude  are baling out the perpetrators of financial impudence with QE, it becomes irrefutably clear that western welfare states have finally shot their bolt and are bankrupt more then just financially. Have a good look at the prevailing norms ruling the roost today and judge for yourself why cowboys are no more in Wimpsville and crooks abound.

When risk is something to be borne by oblivious taxpayers, and the difference between governments and corporations is negligible. When privatisation of essential services are a means for governments to evade their obligations, resulting in monopolistic profits for their inner circle. When energy supply in particular are privatised and at the mercy…


Is the Swakopmund municipality biting the hand that feeds it?

Lets first establish a few home truths here. What is proposed to happen at the Mole cannot, by the furthest stretch of the imagination, be called sustainable development in the interest of the public at large. Judging by the selectivity of information available, and the reluctance of the municipality to inform the public up-front, a swindle of enronesque proportions cannot entirely be ruled out in my mind. Since we, the public, only know what the municipality decrees we aught to know, which is little enough, here’s what I actually see;


Lodging in Namibia

Take a Namibian farmer, gentleman or otherwise, experiencing one of these newfangled corporate-run lodges for the first time. Here he’s shown hand-tame lucerne fed kudu or somesuch, from inside an electric fence enclosure (for his own security). Alternatively cruising between former cattle “Posten”, squashed like a sardine three abreast and three rows deep into the back of a speciality Landrover with dicky-seat on the mudguard. No doubt to conjure that “grootwildjagter” feeling.

All this is either led by freshly imported youngsters, waxing lyrically  about environmental sustainability, impact control and the negative influence of secondary smoking on the “stokstertjie”. Who, as a rule, are as apprehensive


Smoking and related pleasantries

I’m getting freaking choosy where I spend my money nowadays, the little that inflation and the tax-man leave me anyhow. You want to be bolshy about my smoking? Don’t expect me to come around for seconds, you’re on my shit-list for sure. Admit to promoting speed-humps or seat-belt enforcement? Make do without income from this end.  Want to be seen to do good and be politically correct? Piss-off!

I mean, here I was thinking each to his own, live and let live, until it dawned on me that there is little reciprocity in this. Nobody gives two frigging hoots about what I want, but is totally absorbed in their enjoyment of giving me a hard time. If only to bask in the approving looks they get from their like minded peers.

Nobody can deny that the world currently is in a bit of a mess, financially and otherwise. Why? It’s run by freaking non-smokers, that’s why. You want proof? Show me any period of time in the last 2000 years where dedicated non-smokers have been successfully in charge for any length of time. On the contrary, take Herr Hitler, he didn’t last very long, did he? Nor the American prohibition, that didn’t last very long either, did it? Like an exaggerated concern for safety only demonstrates fear and the inability to cope with it. Go figure!


Rape and Pillaging of Swakopmund, Part II

If a dog craps in the desert it’s no big deal. If however he leaves his unsolicited turd in the middle of your well manicured front lawn, it becomes a totally different and rather smelly kettle of fish altogether.

After an appropriate period of letting some grass grow over a previous failed attempt at misusing a communal bathing beach area for commercial purposes, the Brewery’s agents are on the warpath again. With a flood of glossy sketch plans and some glib heritage talk we enter phase II.

I’m not concerned here with the viability of their concept, that’s their problem. As long as it does not interfere with or endanger our bathing beach and Mole. Does it?  Well, alone the type and degree of building against limited land-use should raise the hackles of any professional planner.


We are the World

When the devil apportioned arrogance, the wearetheworld’ers, the wide eyed world improvers, easily pipped everybody else to the posts. Who are they? From which holes do they emerge? What gives them the easy power to achieve their more than dubious agendas? Agendas so totally contrary to the ethics, habits and customs most of us have been accustomed to, that it should raise more then just an eyebrow.

NGOs, non governmental organisations. Organisations which, although directly and indirectly on the government payroll (read from tax receipts), nonetheless  operate wholly from outside any form of political control. The state within the state.


A Case for Gold as Monetary Backing

A distressed Nixon switched monetary backing from gold as intermediary, value yardstick and financial reserve to what exactly? Nobody knows, a nation’s general productivity perhaps, i.e. fiat. Thereby setting the rails for human kind’s biggest test ever. Which, with hindsight, it failed dismally.

And, gold backing provided a level playing field for assessing value and setting limits and was relatively unencumbered from special interests. Fiat, on the other hand, required loads of integrity and professionalism as well as quite a few additional checks and balances,  to allow it to work fair and equitable in the interest of all.

Initially this actually seemed to function quite well. Particularly as long as the free market proponents, believing in “a market left well alone, within certain restraints, will look after everybody’s well-being relatively equitably automatically”, ruled the roost.


New York 1975

This is less of a Rant than a reminder. From New York over California and now the entire US and thereby the rest of the western world by way of the official reserve currency?

The current financial problems are hardly unique. They’re only ever increasing echoes. Instead of learning from expensive lessons, we appear to be blundering along heedlessly, like sulking stubborn unconvinced teenagers left to their own devices to allow them to “Find Themselves” in order not to damage their little psyches. Which of course seldom, if ever, comes to fruition.

I found the following in A.D. Wassenaar’s book “Op pad na luilekker-land” (the road to Cockaigne) [published in 1987] in which he deals primarily with the then already evolving pension Tsunami. Thinking, that some home-truths mentioned therein on the periphery, might be a useful reminder of the ongoing foolishness coming to a head once again.


Gender Equality

If you’re wondering what Gender Equality; ministry of is, and your answer is “who gives a sh_t” or “sh_t happens”, you’re roughly in my ball-park. According to a recent article in the Namibian, the she-minister of the ministry in question claims that Namibians as a rule treat their women abominably and her ministry’s objective is to thwart this abomination with an iron fist, no prisoners taken. One immediate question that arises would be, should an institution, so hard at work striving for the alienation of women from their families, ostensibly to more effectively compete with men for breadwinner status, also bear the responsibility of Child Welfare?

History of course does repeat after all, only the agenda changes.


human resource advisor (HRA)

What’s it about? Click on the little picture on the left and  download or open a small .pdf file of a copy of a recent job advertisement. But be warned, it’s not for the timid, it’s undiluted hardcore. The quest is for a human resource advisor (HRA). Alone the number and fancy descriptions of abbreviated NGOs and Parastatals involved, having a whale of a time while depending on our progressive tax contributions (for gain), is staggering and will take your breath away.

The advertisement makes me understand what Noah felt like after he got the message about the impending flood. What on the face of it looks like just another lengthy job advertisement turns out, on closer examination, to be a humdinger of doomsday prophesy, for yours truly at least. The content, the context, the wording, the innuendoes, just the whole stinking mess. Enough material to conjure nightmares for the whole of the next century.

What is a “human resource advisor (HRA)” you might well ask.


PS I’m asking for quotes for raising my boundary wall by another meter and a roof over the entire lot to protect myself from all the shit flying about.

DStv or who needs TV?

It’s time for DStv’s annual retainer again which, as near as dammit to 5,000 bucks a shot, is not exactly peanuts and in dire need of priority revision. Considering the banking crunch and double digit inflation.

Improvement or decline of service over time? If truth be told, more like falling off a cliff if you ask me. As fast as the number of expensive channels sublimate towards total confusion, its contend is deteriorating towards downright downgraded imbecility.

Since when does a movie, aimed at the more mature market, become acceptable for early evening kiddy-time after the “fuck” word has been dubbed out with blanks. Vindictiveness or stupidity? Particularly since “mother-fucker” seems to be acceptable for some inexplicable reason (in all probability due to some American ethnic hang-up).


Fundamentalist Non-Smokers

Imagine going out to buy a car. Aha, here’s one without a steering wheel, semi locked brakes as security measure, and an on-board computer requiring you, again ostensibly for security reasons, to enter the vehicle through the boot. Would you buy it? “Of course not! Am I mad?”

Then pray tell why our elected governments and similarly elected transformation-hungry privatised and not so privatised corporatist insist on applying criteria of this very nature when acquiring some of their human resources.


  • Note1. Or is the world so kak because it’s no longer a man’s world but a woman’s world nobody understands?
  • Note2. Hebephrenic  – Suffering from a form of schizophrenia characterised by foolish mannerisms and senseless giggling along with delusions and regressive behaviour

International Socialism

BailOutThe Big Brother of National Socialism. The murderer of the goose that lays the golden egg. The savior of the grasshopper and the incumbrance of the ant. The champion who, in the name of rights issues, social justice and classless society, spawned the reign of the risk-free corporate management cadre and a daily increasing government administration. The size of both beggaring description by now, with no end in sight. The class above classlessness.

All of this of course costs a great deal of money. Monies way beyond the scope of ordinary (already fully tapped) tax revenue, progressive or not, that has to come from elsewhere. Lets have a look at what happened over the years to accommodate this socialist folly.


The confessions of a male chauvinist


Little do I know how I got stuck with this label, but there it is. Accused and convicted in absentia, of extreme bellicose prejudiced belief in the superiority of my own kind. Allegedly in abject fear of the thrust and parry of intellectual challenge and competition between the sexes. In fact I had no idea what exactly a chauvinist was till then and until I looked it up. Perhaps it was the result of a series of “men jokes” I once had the temerity to forward, who knows?

Lets see if the shoe fits regarding the sexes in marriage. Outside of which, in open competition, both parties would be fair game, no holds barred, no tears allowed and wholly outside the present term of reference of course.